Top 10 Oxygen Concentrator Dealer in Delhi NCR

Top 10 Oxygen Concentrator Dealer in Delhi NCR

Are you looking for Top 10 Oxygen Concentrator Dealer in Delhi NCR . In these days covid increasing day by day and many people suffering from this in that case hospital and clinics have also full crowded and we have less hospital so I am here to tell  u top 10 oxygen concentrator dealers and they can help u to find easily oxygen concentrator.


  • 1 Ph health cares (Indirapuram , Ghaziabad)
  • 2 Jain surgical traders pvt ltd (location surgical market)
  • 3 chauhan medicos (location near gurgao)
  • 4 M.D medical stores (location orchid market)
  • 5 care one medi mart (location Karol bagh)
  • 6 quality services pvt ltd (location ashok nagar)
  • 7 raghuvir medicos (location Ramayag School)
  • 8 modsurag eqiumepents (Ramesh nagar)
  • 9 Medicare international (location moti nagar)
  • 10 Nikon system pvt ltd (location noida)

There is top 10 oxygen concentrator in Delhi which helps you to find easily.


How does an oxygen concentrator works

Patients can use this under doctor presents oxygen concentrator is not use for 24 hours for cooling we should off this for 30 min we should have electricity backup when there is no electricity we can use electricity backup in or hose

the way an oxygen concentrator work is spr precisely simple it uses the surrounding atmosphere to create oxygen rich air by pulling surrounding air in to the oxygen machine an oxygen concentrator is a machine that takes in air and takes to some of the nitrogen gas so there is more oxygen the new air with more oxygen is then given to a patients during oxygen therapy.

Compressing it purifying it and removing nitrogen and other impurities the purified oxygen rich air is then delivered to the patients


Hospitals beds rent and sale in Delhi

In this covid 19 we all need beds in our cities when we are suffering from this problem medical There are some hospitals where we can rent and sale bed

1 GPC medical hospitals beds

2 jyoti equipments private limited fully motorized bed

3 PKRG surgical male (OPC) manual ICU bed with 5 functions

4 CRESCENT care hospital stretcher bed.

These all are very comfortable beds and patient can use these bed in their tough times and get relax by these beds

We all need some rest able beds and mattress for our comfort which can feel us so relax in our body and gave some rest these beds are also available on our house for patient.

Why we need oxygen concentrators at home?

As we all know in nowadays covid is increasing day by day in that case hospitals are fully crowded in this situation we all need oxygen concentrator in our home to save our life ….

Medical oxygen concentrator are used in has petals or at home to concentrator oxygen for patient PSA generators provide a cost efficient source of oxygen they are a safer less expensive and ore convenient alternative to tanks of cryogenic oxygen or press varied cylinders

An oxygen concentrator takes in air and separates the oxygen and delivers it into a person via a nasal cannula air is 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen and a concentrator that works by plugging into a source of electricity delivers air that is up to 95% oxygen.

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