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Are you Looking for Oxygen Concentrator on rent in sainik farm .Access to oxygen when and when you need it is essential in today’s environment, especially for people who need respiratory support. Having an oxygen concentrator on rent handy will allow you to live carefree. If you’re thinking of leasing an oxygen [O2] concentrator, you need to be aware of your own requirements, and if you’re a doctor, you also need to be aware of all the minute, detailed requirements of your patients. If you believe that your needs are not location-specific, you should select a machine that is portable, simple to move, and robust at the same time – the concentrator’s modest size will help your case even more.

Key Features

If you want an oxygen concentrator on rent for your personal use, pick one that can be powered by batteries in addition to electricity. Electric oxygen concentrators are acceptable for usage in hospitals or other commercial settings. Additionally, you should take operating speed into account. 

Which choice is simple to rent/get an Oxygen concentrator machine?

If this is too much for you to handle, let us take care of your medical equipment requirements and supply you with an oxygen concentrator on rent in Delhi while also taking into account all of your individual needs. Because we have sufficient experience in the medical equipment supply industry to comprehend the requirements of hospitals and private clients, we only partner with some of the top manufacturers and offer only international-grade items to customers, regardless of the market.

Which Oxygen Concentrators you should use .

You may order economical, high-quality oxygen concentrators from around the world with simply a phone call. You can select from a sizable selection of concentrators that we offer all year long and that are maintained by qualified experts. Because the respiratory system can no longer obtain adequate oxygen just by breathing in air, oxygen therapy is required. Purer oxygen is delivered to the lungs using oxygen gas apparatus.

Types of Oxygen Concentrator 

  • Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators are pieces of medical equipment that employ tubes to deliver nearly pure oxygen through the nose. The average amount of oxygen in air is 21%; the remaining 79% is largely nitrogen. Concentrators remove the nitrogen, leaving a residual air that contains 87-95% oxygen. After that, the patient uses tubes or masks to receive oxygen from the oxygen concentrators. A popular way to express the output of an oxygen concentrator is in LPMs (liters per minute). These are home concentrators.

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator

People who require higher oxygen concentrations than those found in ambient air can get oxygen therapy through a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). It is comparable to a home oxygen concentrator but is more portable and smaller in size.

  • Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen tank is a type of storage device used to maintain liquid or gaseous oxygen in a pressurized container sized at 1320 liters having a 1320 liters capacity. It is also known as a ward cylinder or a medium-size cylinder. Its height is around 2.5 feet, and its weight ranges from 15 to 17 kilograms. When used continuously at a rate of 2 liters per minute, this cylinder will last at least 6 hours.

How do you pick the right oxygen concentrator Rental Company?

Check for the following items before purchasing a portable oxygen machine from a home health care provider:-

The portable oxygen concentrator on rent brand and state are important factors in determining its dependability and effectiveness. It should not be of Chinese manufacture. Additionally, it needs to be cleaned and regularly serviced.

The provider’s reputation:

  • Repair and replacement: You need to confirm that the service provider will offer your prompt repair and replacement in the event that the oxygen concentrator machine breaks down or you run into trouble using it.
  • Costs and rental duration: The oxygen concentrator unit shouldn’t cost too much to rent. Additionally, the most of them offer home deliveries, which are fee-based but far more practical because you can easily try things at home before purchasing.

How does one go about renting an oxygen concentrator?

Many home health care providers across the state provide Oxygen concentrator on rent units on an easy monthly basis. There are typically three steps involved:

    • You can rent an oxygen concentrator- Consult their respiratory specialist, who can assist you in making the best Oxygen Concentrator choice for your requirements. Select the appropriate rental strategy. The majority of them offer deliveries in 1-2 hours.
    • You should get the oxygen concentrator– A professional brings the Oxygen concentrator on rent to your house and explains how it works. Examine the condition of the oxygen concentrator machine and test it on the patient who will be using it. They take a security check for the Oxygen Concentrator machine as well as the rental fee for the month in advance.
    • Give the oxygen concentrator back– If you still require the machine, you must return the Oxygen concentrator on rent and receive your security deposit refunded, or you may choose to prolong the rental agreement for the next month.

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