Polysomnography Test in Delhi NCR

What Is Polysomnography Test?

Are you looking for Polysomnography Test in Delhi . A nightly sleep research test called polysomnography records a wide range of data, including blood pressure, oxygen levels, body movement, heart rate, and brain activity. If you are diagnosed with any of the following conditions, polysomnography can help diagnose sleep disorders and modify your treatment plan: movement disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, breathing disorders, and seizure disorders connected to sleep. A top-notch polysomnography expert in Delhi monitors the polysomnography test, which begins at approximately 9 p.m. and ends at 6–7 a.m.

Polysomnography Test in Delhi

What is the purpose of polysomnography?

Physicians recommend polysomnography when there is a possibility that a patient may have a sleep issue.

Your breathing stops frequently and then resumes again while you’re sleeping with this sickness.

Sometimes, when you have this sleep condition, you stretch your legs unintentionally. There’s a possibility of restless legs syndrome, which is more common and frequently linked to this illness.

If you find yourself engaging in strange activities while you sleep, you should get a polysomnography test done in Delhi. You must contact us if you are experiencing this kind of issue on a regular basis.

How to prepare for the Polysomnography Test in Delhi?

The patient is not allowed to consume any food or beverages that include caffeine or alcohol the day before the sleep study. Caffeine and alcohol can alter your sleep habits and exacerbate the symptoms of some sleep disorders.

In order to ensure that the patient gets enough sleep at night, it is also advised against taking a nap in the afternoon before a sleep study. It is beneficial to bathe or shower before your sleep study because any oil in your hair could interfere with the electrodes that are attached to your head.


Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening before a sleep study that takes place overnight. Cocoa, cola, tea, and coffee are examples of this. Steer clear of alcohol as well. Anything influencing your sleep is not what you want. Avoid napping that day as much as possible. Wash your hair with shampoo only before entering the sleep centre. Remove all hair gels, oils, and sprays after drying your hair. They can cause issues for the sensors during the study if they are utilised.


Here are some more guidelines for Polysomnography Test in Delhi 


To Do” List

  • Maintain your schedule. With the exception of a few food limitations (see below), you can carry on with your day as usual.
  • Guys ought to shave. Make sure you arrive at the lab freshly shaven if you usually wear a clean-shaven appearance. Make sure to tame any facial hair prior to your arrival. If you have facial hair, it may affect where sensors are placed and how well a CPAP mask works for you throughout the test.
  • Take a shower in advance. Oily skin can cause issues with data collecting and make it harder to position sensors.
  • Delete the red nail varnish. One of your fingertips will have a probe sensor applied to it; dark or red nail paint will skew the measurements it takes in order to collect data.
  • Stop using some drugs. Your doctor has advised you to do this. Certain drugs can significantly change the outcome of tests. A protocol for quitting them up to two weeks before your polysomnogram will be given to you.
  • Prior to your arrival, finish your dinner. The majority of labs are “fragrance free” for the comfort of all patients, and there isn’t much room for dining meals in your sleep suite. Additionally, you should avoid eating too soon before going to bed.
  • If you anticipate arriving early or late, please let the lab know. Your sleep technologist probably has several patients under their care, therefore in order to account for changes in the regular routine, they will need to modify the workflow and duties they complete.
  • Any specific needs you may have should be communicated to the lab. Inform the lab manager if you require a wedge cushion or recliner, have a walker, are bedwetting at night, or have a carer who takes care of you.


Polysomnography test in Delhi preparation is done with great care at PH Healthcare in Delhi, guaranteeing a patient-centered approach. They arrange appointments, give thorough instructions for the previous evening, and establish a cozy sleeping space. In order to accurately diagnose sleep problems, technicians calibrate equipment to track sleep patterns. Throughout the procedure, the health of the patient and precise findings are given top priority.oxygenconcentrator in delhi

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