Sleep Study and Polysomnography Test in Vaishali Ghaziabad

Are you looking for Sleep Study and Polysomnography Test in Vaishali Ghaziabad . As we all know we all need sleep at this time everyone needs oxygen because sleep is very important for our life.

sleep study and Polysomnography test

Sleep Study Test cost in Delhi Gurgaon Noida and Ghaziabad .

In these days covid-19 cases are  increasing day by day. And many people suffering from this . in that case hospital and clinics have also full crowded and we have less hospital.

We all need sleep study test because of covid 19 . in nowadays covid is increasing day by day all the time patients are suffering from this problem.

We all need to know about cost because we need sleep study test . Now I will tell you about the cost the sleep study test cost in Delhi gurgaon ncr noida and ghaziabad .

Are generally change  from between INR 7000 to 13000 .


Level 3 sleep study test are generally self administered sleep tests . Beings done where the possibility of sleep apnea is very obvious. This will have time and cost constraints this is very important for our health. sleep apnea test in Delhi

What is polysomnography test

Now I will tell you about polysomnography test . In this process we all know there are different types of prices . With all test sleep study have their own price .

There are different levels of sleep study . And all sleep study are not the same . a level 1 sleep study (polysomnography) is an in lab sleep study .

And in this process these all depend on the hospital.  it is being done and the cost in Delhi gurgao ncr vary between rs 15000 to 20000 only /.

Difference between sleep study and polysomnogarphy test .

polysomnography also called a sleep study. Polysnomnography is similar to sleep study . This is also called comprehensive test.

Used to diagnosing sleep disorders polysomography records your brain waves . And its handles your brain waves and the oxygen level  in your blood heart rate and breathing as well as eye .

And leg movements during the study . it manage are heart beat and breathing and control our brain waves . when we do that this work like miracle and helps us to stay fit

These are the best doctors for all of you they are best in their treatment

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Best Doctors for Sleep Study in Ghaziabad

Doctor’s Name Clinic Fees Lybrate Rating
Dr.Ankur Singhal ₹400 93%
Dr.Jiva Ayurveda ₹299 91%
Dr.Shashank Agrawal ₹200 92%
Dr.Anurag Tandon ₹1000 87%
Dr.Piyush Juneja ₹500 92%
Dr.Raghubansh Singh ₹500 93%
Dr.Rakesh Gupta ₹400 88%
Dr.Mrs Neeraj Gupta ₹300 89%
Dr.Amit Kumar ₹500 90%
Dr.Brajpal Singh Tyagi ₹1000 87%

Generally  most of the time , it is not required full eight hours of sleep for the doctor to make a diagnosis.

In mots the cases you may be required medication to assist you in sleep . During the study test. In the morning, the technologist will test and then remove the sensors.

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