We at Sleep Cure Solutions get frequent calls from patients who are suggested Sleep Studies by their GP/Doctor.

the foremost common question asked is “How a lot of cans does the Sleep Study value? This is a part of an exercise they embark upon attempting to ascertain and compare the value with varied service suppliers. Everybody should know , how much does a sleep study test cost in delhi.

The answer to the current question is therefore baffling in that it leaves them even a lot of confused. We tend to often get patients World Health Organization are quoted anyplace from 2,000 to 20,000 Rupees for a Sleep Study also known as the Polysomnography test.

sleep study test in delhi



To get them out of this quandary and to Empower them I’m elaborating on some key points regarding the prices of Sleep Studies.

At this time none of the health insurance in India covers the value of a sleep study so it’s principally a pocket expense.

There are distinct levels of Sleep Studies and all sleep studies aren’t equivalent.

  • A level one sleep study (Polysomnography test in Delhi) is in a research lab sleep study. The prices of this may vary relying upon the hospital it’s being done and also the cost in Old Delhi /Gurgaon/NCR varies between Rs 15000 to 20000. though it’s been the ‘gold standard for a long however advancements in technology and also the movability several patients might not need and might avoid having to sleep in an exceeding research lab. but patients with co-morbidities ought to endure in-lab study.
  • Home sleep takes a look at (HST) – these are gaining quality around the world. It ought to be emphasized that everyone’s HSTs aren’t equivalent.

A comprehensive Home Sleep Study (attended level two study) is the most well-liked level of testing. There for how much does a sleep study test cost in delhi.

This involves a trained technician golf shot on the leads and sensors and perceptive the sleep in your chamber.

The volumetric analysis is finished where needed. this kind of testing isn’t doable within the West wherever it’s unfeasible to possess techs staying nightlong so doesn’t notice a lot of mention within the medical literature.

Sleep Cure Solutions team has the expertise of over 3000 such tests and has down pat this testing pathway. These Polysomnography tests in Delhi generally price between Rs 8000 – Rs 12000.

Level three sleep tests (unattended level three HST) are self-administered (sometimes techs could also be asked to administer this simply to bring up the costs).

sleep tests in Delhi (Polysomnography test in Delhi) to decree sleep disorder and are done wherever the sleep disorder is incredibly obvious and there are time and price constraints.

there’s no observance of sleep (no EEG, EMG, EOG) however simply the cardio-respiratory parameters throughout sleep.

there’s no provision for volumetric analysis during this. These Polysomnography tests in Delhi value between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.

As with the other modality, it’s vital to grasp & guarantee a number of the fundamentals and things like the World Health Organization is recommending the take a look at, World Health Organization goes to try and do it, what are the credentials of the Sleep MD etc.

Unfortunately, the Sleep drugs care Sector is unregulated and Vendors (suppliers of CPAP machines) do Sleep studies left right and centre usually at throwaway costs while not very understanding the science and relinquishing a path to unhappy customers.

They usually have ‘fixed reports’ all advising shopping for a CPAP machine.

As a sceptred client it’s your duty and right to induce the most effective service that your cash should purchase however that might mean doing all of your prep.

Sleep Cure Solutions with its distinctive business model of utilizing the strength of our backend operations (serving to subsidize our native work) is in a position to produce services at regarding half-hour less value to the patients.

we’ve been at the forefront of coaching and are enjoying a pioneering role in the emergence of Sleep drugs. The service is led by an American Board-Certified Sleep MD who has been mentoring physicians in this region.

we tend to feel happy and privileged to depart this world with the advantages of our business model, and our experience with our patients.


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