Difference between oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinder

Difference between oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinder

We all should know Difference between oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinder.We all know oxygen is very important in our life to stay alive all human beings need oxygen to stay alive

But there are two types of oxygen which humans need in their life Oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinder

Oxygen concentrator:

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We all know about oxygen concentrator oxygen concentrator is very useful for patient’s life this is the way to save or life oxygen concentrator is a portable machines in which we can with the help of air is generated to the patient house

Oxygen concentrator provide a pocket friendly and sustainable source of medial oxygen currently hospital are overcrowded due to the increasing cases of covid 19 patients and availability of medicinal oxygen support is very important to tackle such situation how cost oxygen concentrators can really helpful in fact there are certain medical institution which are providing oxygen concentrator free of cost for covid 19 patients to support this is certainly a huge step taken in the light of emergency medical care essential for people infected with the fatal virus life ……

Oxygen cylinder:

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oxygen cylinder contains under pressure and the pressure gauge gradually falls as the cylinder is depleted a full size E cylinder C the size fitted to the anesthetic machine contains approximately 680 of gas

The oxygen concentrator takes in this air filters it through a sieve releases the nitrogen back into the air and works on the remaining oxygen this oxygen compressed and dispensed through a cannel is 90 to 95 percent pure

Air is a mixture of 21%oxygen 78% nitrogen and approximately 1% other trace gases primarily organ to simplify calculations this last 1% is usually treated as if it were nitrogen being cheap and simple to use it is the most common diving gas

To our life these both oxygen is very important both are on very reasonable price for our life and to save our we should know about these both oxygen’s

As we know to save our life oxygen is important in that case we also should know about how to use oxygen concentrator

How oxygen concentrator works:

Patients can use this under doctor present oxygen concentrator is not use for 24 hours for cooling we should off this for 30 min we should also have electricity backup when there is no electricity we can use electricity backup in our house

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An oxygen concentrator is a machine that takes in air and takes out some of the nitrogen (as N2 ) so there more oxygen (as O2) the new air with more oxygen is then given to a patient during oxygen therapy

The way an oxygen concentrator work is surprisingly simple it was the surrounding atmosphere to create oxygen rich air by pulling surrounding air into the oxygen machine compressing it purifying it and removing nitrogen and other importees the purified oxygen rich air is then delivered to the patient

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