How to use oxygen concentrators

How to use oxygen concentrators

In today’s life we must know How to use oxygen concentrators . We all know in now days covid is increasing day by day  we all know about oxygen concentrators and we all should know how to use  it.


So first we all know that where can oxygen we can provide and where not . Oxygen concentrator is use for big hospitals . Oxygen concentrator is not use for such as at home or in small clinics liquid oxygen is dangerous for home.

It is use for who are suffering from breathing problems . and blood problem they need oxygen concentrators.

Patients can use this under doctor present oxygen concentrator is not use for 24 hours . For cooling we should off this for 30 min . We should have electricity backup when there is no electricity we can use electricity backup.

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An oxygen concentrators is a device that can generate oxygen from the air in the atmosphere. The oxygen concentrator separates the nitrogen from the air . and removes the excess oxygen gas . Which can be used by patients in need of oxygen. In the case of corona patients. if the oxygen level falls below 94 percent .Then the patient needs oxygen therapy immediately. In such a situation, oxygen concentrator supplements play an important role . in supplying oxygen to patients.

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Filters and strainers have to be replaced after a few years. Oxygen concentrators have in-built oxygen sensors, which indicate when the oxygen purity level is low.

What does oxygen concentrator consists

An oxygen concentrator consists of an air compressor, two cylinders filled with zeolite pellets, a pressure equalizing reservoir, valves and tubes . In the first half cycle.  the first cylinder of the oxygen concentrator draws air in . by means of a compressor. This process takes about 6 seconds. During this time the pressure in the first cylinder becomes slightly higher . than the air pressure in the atmosphere and the zeolites . It become saturated with nitrogen. Nitrogen is separated from the air through the exhaust with the help of silencer.


When the first cylinder reaches pure oxygen . The valve opens and the oxygen-rich air moves to the pressure equalizing reservoir. This reservoir is connected to the oxygen hose of the patient. At the end of the first cycle. the air from the compressor goes to the second cylinder. First the pressure of the cylinder comes down. In the other half of the bicycle. Another position of the valve is changed. so that the gas can return to the first cylinder and re-enter the atmosphere . and the oxygen concentration in the pressure equalizing.

Reservoir does not fall below 90%. The pressure in the oxygen-delivering hose remains constant through a pressure reducing valve.

If we use this in our home soo we should take care of our self and patients one small mistake can punish for full life

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