Is Sleep Study Test Worth it ?

sleep study test in delhiIf we talk about Best Sleep study test in Delhi. Sleep is the stage where a person is unconscious about the surrounding environment & rest by closing their eyes. Most people sleep on bed. Sleep is considered for a long period like more than 2 hours and Nap is for 20 to 30 Minutes of rest.

Sleep is natural & important for our brain & body to function. Sleep is Superpower to heal your body.

Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives. It helps in digestion, eyes-sight, blood flow, proper functioning of the brain- restoring & learning new things. It helps to cure pain, diseases etc. It also helps to maintain weight. Overall Sleep is important for physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual & intellectual health.

Lack of Sleep or Sleep Deprivation is the most common problem around the world & affects people with all ages. It is caused due to any reason like changes in the environment, poor work-life balance, stress, work load or poor health.


sleep study test in delhiThe Most Common Symptoms of Sleep Disorder are: – 

  1. Waking early in the morning without any reason.
  2. Constantly waking in the night & scrolling phone or watching the time.
  3. Not able to sleep & very- short nap. (Awaking)
  4. Worry about sleep at night & day. But day- dreaming or dreaming at night.


The main problems arise due to Sleeplessness are: –

  1. Effects & Worse physical & mental health.
  2. Increase stress, tension, anxiety & can lead to depression.
  3. Brain Issues- Memory loss, lack of concentration, loss of thinking ability.
  4. Physical Health- Weak the Immunity System, Increase the risk of heart attack, Stroke & diabetes.
  5. It leads to imbalance in blood pressure & digestion which can lead to weight gain (obesity)or loss.
  6. Effects relations with friends & family and lead to work imbalance.
  7. Feel fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness at day-time. It increases getting an accident.


People Neglect their sleep and think it is waste of Time. But from the above it is clear that sleep play a very significant impact on our health. Sleep is human basic need, want & demand.

In our busy lifestyle, people generally are unconcerned& behave careless in their initial stage of insomnia. Due to ignorance & irresponsible behavior towards proper sleep cycle the problem of sleep deprivation increases.


Nowadays, there is increasing trend of getting a sleep study to know about the sleep cycle. The main question is what is sleep study & why we need it? It is worth the money, time, effort?


Sleep Study is also called as Polysomnography (Scientific Term). It is a test which helps the person to know about the sleep disorders. It is done at night or day when the person is sleeping. It records the body movement, eyes, oxygen level, consciousness, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. It also records the brain waves with the help of machine.  Basically, it records all the activity of the body at the time of sleep.

The type of sleep study areas follows: –


1.     Polysomnogram–It records all facial & inner body movements.

2.     Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)- It helps to know about how much time a person spends to fall asleep like ASAP or waiting for more hours. It is performed overnight & determine REM (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep).

3.     Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT) – It measures the nap of the person at only sleep diagnostic centers.

4.     Home sleep test (HST)–It is a totally machine-based test & connect to a monitor. You may see this in movies with finger-clips, pipe & airflow sensors.

5.     Sleep Questionaries- It is questionnaire with minimum 10 questions field by children & old age people.

6.     Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) – It measures the sleep cycle through air pressure on chest, nose & body. It is performed at midnight or half sleep.


A Sleep Specialist Doctor known as Somnologist. They recommend the test of sleep study when someone is facing the following problem: –

1.     Sleep Disorder

2.     Sleep Apnea

3.     Improper Night time behavior like Sleep Taking & Sleep Walking

4.     Insomnia

5.     Excessive Sleep (more than 15 hours a day)

The Benefits of getting sleep study are: –

1.     It helps the doctor to the reason for the sleeplessness & prevent the distorting health.

2.     It helps to treat & cure the insomnia, sleep disorder & other health problems.

The right treatment for sleep is needed at the right time to prevent further health decline.

For Convenience, People want their Sleep Study to conducted at home. One of the best sleep studies in New Delhi or Delhi NCR is here

It helps to conduct home sleep study or you can say home sleep test.

The test is same as In-Lab sleep study test. The main advantages are it reduce the recurring expense of sleep study test on elder people. It reduces the transportation cost, saves time. The equipment records the data & helps to know the results instantly. It can be used anytime at the time of sleep.sleep study test in delhi

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