Is a Polysomnography test in Delhi worth it?

polysomnography-test-in-delhiPolysomnography is the scientific or medical term of Sleep Study. Sleep Study is the test of quality & quantity of sleep a person is experiencing. Sleep is an essential part of our daily routine to maintain our physical, emotional, social, mental & intellectual health.


Studying the sleep pattern, manner, body movement of inner & outer to analyze the efficiency & effectiveness of sleep is called Sleep Study. Nowadays, people are more aware about their inner body & are becoming more health conscious.

The increasing trend to know how many steps you have taken, screen time, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate etc.

polysomnography-test-in-delhiNow, you can see all of this in just minutes in your smartwatch or any other smart device. Be Aware about your health, or you will regret it later, why I haven’t checked up properly. Check your health status, so you don’t have to check your bank balance.

Polysomnography is one such checkup or Test to analyze different but most important parts of our daily lives i.e., sleep. We check everything in our body but forget or ignore the sleep aspect. The impact of sleep on our health is huge & on every body part -organ, tissue, nervous, bone, muscle & outer body too.

Polysomnography (PSG) is a diagnosis to test the changes in sleep, sleep disturbances & any sleep disorder. The Components of Polysomnography or the areas through which test occur are as follows: –

  1. Electro-encephalography (EEG) and Electro-oculography (EOG) – It measures the brain wave, signal & nervous activity.
  2. Finger Movement or Limb flow of blood.
  3. Electrocardiography (ECG) and Electromyography (EMG) – It measures heart rate, activity, muscle activity.
  4. Body Movement & Position Sensor- It measures body language like Side, Straight, back.
  5. Chest Movement & Breathing Rate.
  6. Oronasal Flow- Flow of Oxygen on nostrils & through the neck.




All of this is recorded on a monitor & it is an electronic process to find the sleep disorder data. Test use pulse oximeter, position sensor & control unit. They all are connected with a pipe & gives the data on the monitor like you have seen in the movies, the signal of heart rate. Every component has a signal on the monitor, it measures the ups & downs.


The main patient or person or candidate who need the test of Polysomnography are: –

  1. Doctor Recommend to test or Somnologist Recommend (Sleep Doctor).
  2. Person who is facing sleeping problems for a long time.
  3. Person who has sleep disorder.
  4. Person who has breathing problems or any problem that occurs only at the time of sleep.
  5. People who are facing very heavy snoring & feel fatigue, tiredness or sleepiness all day.
  6. Person who is sleeping for more than 15 hours a day for more than 3-4 days should check-up.
  7. Person who is facing other health problems & tests their full body. Sleep Study test is needed as it is one of the important tests.
  8. Person who is facing sleep disorder, sleep disturbance.
  9. Person who is behaving differently like walking while sleeping, opening eyes while sleeping, talking while sleeping.
  10. Person with sleep apnea.
  11. Person with insomnia problem- Constantly waking during sleep.
  12. Person with frequent eye movement at the time of sleep- Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

polysomnography-test-in-delhiThe Sleep Study or Polysomnography Test is performed only at the time of sleep. Usually at night or Midnight. It can be conducted at a hospital, any sleep center or at home. But to carry out this test medical device, equipment & machine is required.

For People who have sleep apnea or any sleep problem, they have to go and do a sleep study test. Sometimes, it is inconvenient to visit the sleep center because of lack of time, Traffic & huge distance between home and hospital or unavailability of caretaker. In such a Case, you can conduct or perform the Sleep study test at home.

The Machine can be rented or purchased to reduce the cost, time & effort. Patients can self- administer the machine & test sleep at home.

For Hospitals or Sleep Centers who are looking for the machine at an accessible & affordable price. The best option for a sleep study test is to buy, rent or purchase the machine & devices. All options are available & you can choose the best according to your requirement. It depends upon the time & contract. The price of polysomnography or sleep study test is negotiable.

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